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The Arts

Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts at Melbourne High School​


At MHS, we strive to motivate and support our students to express their creativity across a wide range of subjects from Year 9 to VCE. We offer a range of Art-based subjects, several streams of Visual Communication and Design focusing on specific fields of design, digital and analogue Media production subjects. In addition, MHS has an extensive Drama, VCE Theatre Studies, and Music program. Throughout the the year, students are actively involved in a variety of performance-based programs that include jazz, chamber, orchestral and singing concerts, the annual school musical and, the annual play as well as Drama and Theatre Studies productions. Read more: Music>> l Productions>>

2021 On-line Art Exhibition


2020 Virtual Art Exhibition

To celebrate the achievements of our students during the 2020 COVID lock-downs, our Annual Art Exhibition went virtual. We welcome you to view and celebrate our students’ creativity and ingenuity in expressing their visions from their 2020 home-based studios. The exhibition features work from Year 9 to VCE and covers all the subjects offered in the Visual and Performing Arts at MHS.

Instructions for viewing the exhibition

By clicking on the button below, you are taken to our virtual gallery. The gallery is hosted on artsteps – a free to use multi-platform service that you can view on your computer, phone or tablet. For the smoothest experience, we recommend that you download the artsteps app for free for your tablet or phone from the Appstore© or Google Play©.




Enter the 2020 virtual exhibition >>

The work from our media classes is included in the exhibition, but due to bandwidth limitations in the virtual gallery, we recommend that it be viewed using the embedded videos below for the smoothest viewing experience.

Alternate Media video links
We welcome you to view a selection of film reels from our 9 – 12 media classes.

Please note that the feature-length versions of 2020 unit 3 & 4 films will be viewable in the exhibition.

Media students faced extraordinary challenges to produce their major production this year. After spending semester one developing and designing their products, all had to adjust to the new Covid context we found ourselves in. Most had to make major changes with their much sweated over designs simply no longer possible. What resulted is a testament to the resilience, problem solving and above all creativity of the 2020 12 Media group.


Enjoy this fantastic collection of Claymation, CGI Animation, Music Videos, Short Films and more. If you’d like to see more MHS VCE Media works check out:

12 Media Showreel

Reboot – Short CGI Animation by Baptiste Emery (2.02) TOP SCREEN SHORTLISTED

Perpetuality – Music Video by Luca Locher (3.31)

All You Need Is Love – Short Film by Gus Nguyen (6.40)

Inheritance – Short Film by Merrick Craven (10.00)

Hard Boiled – Short Claymation Animation by William Crossley (6.17) TOP SCREEN SHORTLISTED

10 Media GIFs Showreel

Showcase of Year 10 GIFs. Students studied sakuga (advanced animation techniques) and crafted representations of self. Many were heavily influenced by the experience of living through a global pandemic which you can see reflected in these diverse and wonderful micro animation products. Techniques ranged from rotoscoping, CGI and hand drawn animation.

10 Media Digital Story Showreel

Showreel showcasing extracts from the 2020 Year 10 student Digital Stories. This year students worked remotely to craft highly original and individual audio visual stories. From documentary, short film, animation, music video, podcasts and more, students developed their creative voice and skills to create a media product of their own unique design.

2020 Year 9 Showreel

In 2020 9 Media students explored the foundations of audio visual construction by examining genre conventions in Boy (Waititi, 2009) and Mob Psycho 100 (2019). From this understanding students then explored and developed Media Arts processes and skills by experimenting in creating cinemagraphs which depicted the lock down experience and stop-motion animations that took the form of representations of power. Depending on the semester, students then went on to create genre based film trailers for an entirely fictional films either in groups or individually.

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