Wellbeing Tip – Connect with Nature

Updated: Sep 17

A growing amount of research has suggested spending time in nature can improve our mental health, having a restorative effect on our minds. It also tends to increase perceptions of feelings of well-being. A 2009 study by Stephan Mayer and colleagues published in Environment And Behaviour found that even just watching videos of natural or urban settings could increase connectedness to nature and positive emotions.

Ways to increase your connection to nature, and hopefully your wellbeing:

  • Use nature pictures for wallpapers or screensavers for the computer at home and work

  • Find a peaceful spot outside and let your senses take over – listen out for birds and insects, smell the air, feel the leaves with your fingertips

  • Move your daily exercise routine outside

  • Pull up a chair and gaze through a window at the world outside

  • Watch the sky change colour, stargaze, track the moon's phases or do some mindful landscape drawing

  • Plant some herbs or add a few indoor plants to your home

  • Find a sunny spot and read a book or meditate

These links have a couple of nature videos to help get you starting re connecting with nature


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