The MHS Website Has Undergone a Face-Lift!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Welcome to our redesigned website. It is ten years since I had first created the MHS website, and over the past few years, web developers have been creating a host of dynamic tools that have enabled us to optimise the school’s on-line presence.

Our newly re-created and redesigned website was initiated by Year 12 student Liam Pinto (Class of 2020) whose interest in web design, prowess and skills, has seen him take on, and commit to, this challenging and time-consuming task – and during his own time.

Of notable interest, Liam’s web skills have been recognised by Wix, our web-based platform and host, and is an Official Wix Partner and designer for the Wix Editor and Editor X platforms.

Liam has truly “Honoured the Work”, and on behalf of the MHS School and the wider community, we thank him for his parting gift and legacy to the school.

George Marotous