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Millgrove Outdoor Edcation

Melbourne High School is committed to student personal development


All Melbourne High School students in Years 9 and 10 must attend the Millgrove Outdoor Education Centre for one school week. The Centre is situated on four hectares in the upper Yarra Valley, and is an ideal base for conducting a wide variety of outdoor education activities.


The Millgrove Program focuses on three key relationships:

  • relating with oneself

  • relating with others

  • relating with the environment

Students are encouraged to work together to achieve goals and complete activities in a supportive environment. The program aims to challenge students physically whilst having fun and socializing with their peers. The week spent at the Centre is facilitates group cohesion and integration into Melbourne High School and its ethos.


The facilities include:

  • a large recreation and teaching building

  • heated cabins

  • a well-equipped kitchen and dining room

  • toilet and shower block

  • staff quarters

  • storage sheds


The Millgrove Outdoor Education Centre is staffed by two resident Outdoor Education teachers, two Outdoor Recreation Trainees, and cooks who provide fresh and nutritious food for the students. The form teacher of each visiting group also attends. Staff are always in residence during the form camps.


The boys are rostered to share domestic duties throughout the week. These include regular cleaning of the rooms, washing up and some food preparation.


The Student Learning Co-ordinators (SLCs) spend a day with each group, taking part in the activities and spending time with students. Two Year 11 students also attend each camp as mentors for the younger students.


No specialist equipment is needed to participate in the program. A detailed information booklet with a list of requirements is be distributed to students before the program.


The Millgrove week is an integral and compulsory part of the curriculum and the cost of the camp is covered by the parent contributions.

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