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Melbourne High School employs approximately 100 teachers and about 30 ancillary staff and is always looking for highly competent and motivated members of staff. Teachers generally remain at the School for long periods of time as it provides a happy and productive working environment with excellent facilities. Occasional ongoing employment is available as teachers relocate to other schools or retire.

Daily absences are generally caused by teacher illness, teacher Professional Development, or class excursions. CRT employment (Casual Replacement Teacher) is undertaken by the Daily Organiser.

Some staff also need to be covered for School sporting trips or cultural excursions. The periods of these vacancies generally range from one to three weeks.

Longer vacancies are mainly caused by teachers taking Long Service Leave, usually one to two Terms in duration. These vacancies are advertised in The Age and/or within the Recruitment On-Line web site.

Each year a small number of staff retire or change employment. These positions are also advertised within the Recruitment On-Line web site.

Ancillary staff vacancies are advertised in similar fashion by the School Business Manager.

Melbourne High School
Forrest Hill,
South Yarra, Vic. 3141
P: +613 9826 0711
F: +613 9826 8767

Assistant Principal Staffing
Mr Andrew Sloan

Details of positions at Melbourne High School are also posted on the DET website at Recruitment Online.


Currently there are no vacancies.

Please check the DET website for more information:

Staff Code of Practice​

The staff code of practice is governed by the VIT Code of Conduct and the Victorian Teaching Profession Code of Ethics. For more detailed information, please visit the VIT website:

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