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About Melbourne High School

Melbourne High School is the only selective State School in Victoria for boys only in Years 9–12. The School continues to maintain its standing as one of the finest schools in Australia and develops the finest thinkers and leaders in Australia.​

Melbourne High School (MHS) traces its history back to 1854 and the establishment of the National Model School. In 1905, the School became the Continuation School and therefore proclaimed itself as the first state secondary school in Victoria. It is a statewide provider of broad academic education for boys in Years 9 to 12. The School has 1365 students, with approximately 340 students in each of four-year levels – year 9, year 10, year 11 and year 12. Admission to the School is by competitive examination with a small discretionary factor. A supplementary intake also takes place in Years 10, 11 and 12. Students are drawn from a very wide cultural and socio-economic background and come largely from the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne and inner country locations. It is this ongoing dynamic cultural mix that has remained a cornerstone of the School's success.

The School is in central Melbourne, in the City of Stonnington, and within the Southern Metropolitan Region of the Department of Education and Training (DET).

The School is located close to the Melbourne Central Business District and is impressively situated on a hill overlooking the leafy and attractive district of South Yarra. The School is adjacent to the Yarra River and on the corner of Chapel Street and Alexandra Avenue. It is well serviced by rail, tram and bus transport as well as bicycle paths and major roadways. Its location and the appearance of the spectacular "Castle On The Hill", have given the School a mystique that has added significantly to its ethos and its standing within the community.

School Philosophy

Melbourne High School is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment in which students can reach their full educational potential in a positive school culture that engages and supports them in their learning. Student well-being and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked, and MHS aims to promote an understanding of this link in both the School environment and in the classroom. It is recognised that all teachers are vital sources of support and are determinant in the success of their students.


The School Motto — “Honour the Work”

The School motto was derived spontaneously from an eloquent address given to the assembled school by the late Mr Frank Tate ISO MA, a former Director of Education. In the course of his speech, he quoted the words of Edward Thring: “Honour the work and the work will honour you,” and it is recorded that these inspiring words were at once recognised as most appropriate for the School Motto.

The School Emblem

The School Emblem (since 1927) is the Unicorn head on a jewelled crown with the motto on a scroll below. This emblem represents an all-boys school — the first State controlled high school in Victoria.​


The School Song


Blithesome  our hearts are and free is our fancy
Swift fly  the hours in work and in play;
Fain  would we linger, but youth turns to manhood,
School  days are passing, and we must away.

Honour the work, let our motto  remind us,
When courage weakens and stern  grows the fight,
Strong, like its pillars, the  School stands behind us,
Standing for duty, and standing for right.

Lo!  Steering westward through life’s stormy  surges,
Those who once laboured and  played here are gone;
Before them the vision, a lamp  lit by learning,
A shrine to be guarded and fame  to be won.

Honour the work, let our motto  remind us,When courage weakens and stern  grows the fight,Strong, like its pillars, the  School stands behind us,Standing for duty, and standing for right.

House Sport

For the purpose of sporting and cultural competitions, the School is divided into four Houses, namely, Como (yellow), Forrest (Blue), Waterloo (Green) and Yarra (Red), each under the control of a House Co-ordinator, four Assistant House Co-ordinators, a House Captain, a House Vice-Captain and House Age Group Captains. The Houses take their names from local history – Captain John Forrest settled in Waterloo Cottage (the present site of the school), on Como Estate, near the Yarra River.

School Documents & Policies

Please click here to be directed to School Information>>

School Location

The School is located near the intersection of Chapel Street and Alexandra Avenue. The Melway Street Directory reference is 2L J3 (58 E2). View map>>

Public Transport:
Tram Routes: 78 and 79 along Church and Chapel Streets
Railway Stations: South Yarra, East Richmond
Bus: City to Gardenvale: Route 605 along Alexandra Avenue
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