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Year 11 VCE Arts & Humanities Intake 2021


Inspire.  Create.  Excite.


Are you in Year 10 and excited by the arts and humanities?


* Do you have an aptitude for visual or performing arts and humanities?

* Would you like to extend your arts and humanities experiences?

* Can you see yourself attending Victoria’s leading government secondary boys’ school?

* Do you want a broad education that includes a study of the arts and humanities?

Melbourne High School is a selective entry Years 9 to 12 boys’ school that offers an arts and humanities intake at Year 11 for a two-year VCE arts and humanities course of study.  This additional enrolment enables students who are excited by the arts and humanities, and who have a demonstrated commitment to these disciplines, to take advantage of the School’s learning environment to achieve excellence.


How to apply for Year 11


  1. Students must be Australian citizens, by birth, having Australian citizenship or being a holder of a permanent resident visa at the time of application.  Citizens of New Zealand are eligible to apply; however, Melbourne High School cannot enrol international or temporary students.

  2. Applications open on Wednesday 10 June 2020

  3. Closing date is on Friday 14 August 2020

  4. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a full-time Year 10 program

  5. An applicant must select at least three VCE Units from the Arts and Humanities domains. Students who select more than two units will be prioritized


The 2020 VCE Units 1 and 2 Art and Humanities subjects offered are listed below. Please note that these subject options are subject to demand. There is no guarantee that all subjects listed will be offered in 2021.  Successful applicants will be advised of confirmed selections prior to any final offering of a place.

Visual and Performing Arts


Music Investigation

Music Performance

Studio Arts

Theatre Studies

Visual Communication Design



Global Politics

History: 20th Century (Units 1 & 2)

History: Revolutions (Units 3 & 4)



Notes for Year 11

Selection is via the completed MHS Application Form (located at the bottom of this page), accompanied by photocopies of two school reports and, where applicable, submission of a folio.  Short-listed candidates will attend an interview and where relevant an audition.


The 5% rule and Principal’s Discretionary Category are not applicable for the Arts and Humanities Intake.


Selection Procedure

There are two main components of the Year 11 Selection Process:

1. Written Application

Applications are made using the MHS Application Form, located in the Year 11 Enrolment section of the Melbourne High School website.  The candidate, in their own handwriting, must write their personal response outlining the reasons why they wish to attend Melbourne High School. Statements of achievement against the selection criteria are to be made with supporting document, such as certificates or coach’s reference.   Photocopies of two school reports are required.  All applications are assessed by a school-appointed selection panel against the required criteria. 


Additional Information

A photocopy of the 2019 mid-year and 2019 end of year 9 school reports must be included with the written application. Applicants wishing to study Media are required to submit a two-minute film.  Applicants wishing to study Studio Arts and Visual Communication are required to submit up to six photographs of their work with an artist’s progress statement. Those applying for these subjects need to email the School Registrar to request a personalised Drop Box folder (email is link provided below).  A Drop Box Folder with the candidate’s name will be set up so that all the applicant’s material can be saved in his own personalised Drop Box and submitted to Melbourne High School.  Full application instructions appear in the MHS Application Form.


Based on written applications, students may be shortlisted for further consideration.


2. Interview and Audition (where relevant)

All short-listed applicants are interviewed by a School selection panel.  Applicants wishing to study Music Investigation, Music Performance and Theatre Studies are required to perform works for the selection panel.


Following interviews, the selection panel ranks all short-listed applicants and positions are offered by the School strictly according to this rank order.

Selection Criteria

Application for entry to Melbourne High School at Year 11 is assessed against the following criteria:

1. Outstanding Potential in VCE Arts or Humanities Subjects

Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate significant ability and potential in at least two of the Year 11 Intake subjects listed above.  The written application, supporting material, together with performance at audition(s), if relevant, and interview, will be taken into consideration.


2. Co-curricular Achievement

Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate significant achievement in one or more areas of co-curricular involvement such as sport, music, debating and the performing arts.


3. School Leadership

Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate a record of leadership at the secondary school level or within the broader community.  It is expected that applicants can demonstrate a high level of achievement against each criterion.


4.  Academic Achievement

Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate a record of strong academic achievement at secondary school level.


A previous close family connection to the School may be considered.


Confirmation of offer

Melbourne High School will confirm an initial offer of a place during the first week of September 2020.  However, this will be conditional on confirmation of student course selections.  A formal offer of a place will only occur after course selection has been confirmed.  Course confirmation expected to be available  prior to the end of Term 3.​


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