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Parental Support

Suggestions for what parents can do at home to support their sons in their learning and engagement with school:


  • Ensure your son attends school regularly

  • Encourage your son to read regularly and widely

  • Encourage your son to discuss his schoolwork and his progress

  • Ensure your son has enough sleep (9 to10 hours) and a good breakfast

  • Make doctor and dental appointments, wherever possible, in the holiday period or after school

  • Assist your son in formulating a realistic and achievable study and homework timetable, ensuring there is a good balance of time for physical activity, hobbies, television, computer games, paid employment, domestic duties and social activities

  • Provide a suitable homework and study space at home that is quiet, well lit, well ventilated and has adequate shelving and a desk, as well as access to the Internet and the school’s Intranet

  • Assist your son in setting short term and long term study goals and consider providing rewards for achieving these

  • If no homework is set, encourage your son to undertake revision work, prepare notes for examinations or read

  • Set and enforce rules for use of mobile phones, television, music, computer games and online chatting during study and homework time

  • Read OURS, online or a hard copy, the School’s weekly information bulletin for MHS parents and students

  • Keep a track of your son’s timetable, the School calendar and homework, subject and co-curricular requirements, through regularly monitoring your son’s School diary

  • Subscribe to two or more daily newspapers in order to gain different perspectives on issues – special student subscriptions to the major papers are available through the library

  • Subscribe to educational magazines and periodicals – information about free online subscriptions to educational magazines are available in faculty handbooks

  • Discuss current issues and look at alternative viewpoints to improve reasoning; for the intellectual joy of it, encourage your son to argue counter ideas to fine-tune logic and the ability to sustain an argument intellectually rather than emotionally

  • If possible, read the English texts your son is studying and discuss the themes

  • Join the Parents and Friends, Friends of Music, Friends of Rowing, Friends of Library or volunteer for the canteen roster

  • Become involved with the School Council or a Council sub-committee

  • Attend the four annual working bees at Forrest Hill or Millgrove


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