Melbourne High School has a great tradition of musical involvement and is noted for its high standard of instrumental and choral performance.


The massed singing and choral program at Melbourne High School continues to strengthen its tradition of forming a focal point in the music education for all students.  As part of this program, all students in Years 9 and 10 receive choral instruction each week and present a massed singing recital at each end of term assembly, and they combine with Years 11 and 12 students to form the annual Speech Night choir of approximately 1370 voices.


The House Music competition is another event where all boys in the School sing in one of the four house choirs. This event is held at Melbourne Town Hall in order to involve the entire School community.

There are at least 50 music performances on the MHS music calendar in any given year, such as the House Chorals, the Family Concert, the Musical, Open Day, Jazz Night, the Spring Breakfast and the Staff and Student Cabaret.  Melbourne High School’s reputation as a leading Australian school in boys’ singing is further supported with many invitations to perform at important public musical events.


Instrumental lessons on orchestral and band instruments are offered to students along with voice, classical guitar and piano. Up to 500 students participate in one or more of the 25 ensembles that perform on 50 different occasions.  Melbourne High School also combines with The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School to present the annual musical and Winter Concert.


Music students experience outstanding success in VCE with some winning Premier’s Awards and others selected as the Top Class and Top Act performers in Victoria.  The Symphony Orchestra enters competitions and has received numerous awards.


Providing inspirational experiences for our young musicians is an ongoing goal of the Music Department.  Each year a number of master classes and workshops with internationally recognised performers are arranged for students to ensure we continue our great music tradition.

The School Musical is produced in conjunction with the Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School and provides excellent opportunities for participation as soloist, chorus member, member of the stage and lighting crew or in the orchestra.

The year’s music activities culminate in the Speech Night music program that involves the whole School in massed singing together with performances by senior instrumental and choral ensembles. The preparation is intensive and Melbourne High School is very proud of the consistently high standard that is achieved.



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