Mission Statement

As a selective-entry state-wide provider of broad, stimulating and challenging education of the highest quality, Melbourne High School is in a unique position to enhance the vast and varied talents of its diverse body of students, preparing them for academic, civic and vocational leadership, whilst encouraging individual happiness and satisfaction.​

School Ethos

Melbourne High School is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment in which students can reach their full educational potential in a positive school culture that engages and supports them in their learning. Student well-being and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked, and MHS aims to promote an understanding of this link in both the School environment and in the classroom. It is recognized that all teachers are vital sources of support and are determinant in the success of their students.


One of the unique aspects of Melbourne High School is the emphasis the School places on its long and proud traditions. As you move around the building you will see these strong links to the past: the Honour Boards in the Memorial Hall, the many portraits of distinguished Old Boys in the corridors, the War Remembrance cenotaph in the foyer and the stained glass windows and murals which surround the central stairs. All provide a reminder of the many thousands of young men who have passed through the School.

Such a strong attachment to our history does not imply the School lives in the past. On the contrary, it is a vibrant contemporary place of learning. We do believe, however, that to appreciate fully the aims and ethos of the School one should have an appreciation of its history. Such an understanding undoubtedly contributes to the strong sense of school spirit amongst the students at the School.

Melbourne High School prides itself on its search for excellence, not only in the area of academic achievement, but on the sports field, on the parade ground, on the concert stage and in the theatre to name some of the many spheres of activity. A sensible balance between academic and non-academic activity is encouraged in order for each student to take full advantage of the opportunities that MHS offers.

Melbourne High School provides a broad, stimulating, diverse and challenging educational experience of the highest quality to enhance the vast and varied talents of its selective-entry students, preparing them for academic, vocational, professional and civic leadership, whilst encouraging individual development and happiness.

Melbourne High School prides itself on its rich heritage of inclusivity and respect for individual difference. Given the broad reach of MHS, our community is made up of a much broader spectrum of cultural and social backgrounds than most schools; a spectrum far more representative of the world at large. For many, the deeper understanding they develop of diverse cultural and social backgrounds, of exposure to new and divergent ways of thinking about the world and a developing appreciation of those very different to themselves, have inspired in many a life-long respect for the uniqueness of every individual.    

Guiding Principles

Melbourne High School demonstrates its commitment to maintain and develop its performance and reputation as a leading and highly successful provider of education for boys in Victoria evidenced in the following ways:

MHS is committed to excellence by:

  • Recognising and developing intellectual, academic, cultural and sporting excellence

  • Providing inspirational and challenging teaching that is caring of the individual

  • Appreciating its diverse and highly professional staff and their dedication to the expectations of the School

MHS is committed to tradition with a vision for the future by:

  • Appreciating and upholding the traditions of the School's rich heritage

  • Developing in students the capacity to adapt quickly to change and embrace innovation

  • Developing in students and staff the capacity to confidently meet the challenges of changing technologies and global societies

MHS is committed to the development of the individual within the global society by:

  • Challenging every student to achieve his full potential, often beyond perceived capabilities

  • Promoting creativity, innovation, teamwork and leadership in its students and staff

  • Supporting humour, inquiry, pragmatism, balance, optimism, resilience and lofty aspirations

  • Developing within students their capacity for self management and self determination

  • Honouring the promotion of care for others.

MHS is committed to an involved and diverse school community by:

  • Providing students, parents and staff with a sense of belonging to a community with clear goal

  • Encouraging and expecting the involvement of all members of the school community

  • Fostering understanding, empathy, cooperation and harmony within a culturally diverse school. community

  • Supporting social responsibility in a local, national and international context


Statement of Purpose

Melbourne High School consistently returns some of the best Year 12 academic outcomes in the state. Whilst there is little doubt that many families are attracted to Melbourne High School because of these exceptional academic results, the School offers every student much more than this.  Melbourne High School has always prided itself on providing an education for all facets of life. This is reflected in the School’s Statement of Purpose that identifies the life skills it aims to foster in all students. These include:


Successful learners:

  • Study a curriculum that embraces all learning areas and balances breadth and depth of focus

  • Have the ability to think critically and deeply within and across learning areas

  • Are creative and innovative in their thinking and application of learning

  • Take responsibility for their learning and are motivated to reach their full potential

  • Are able to work independently and collaborate in teams and effectively communicate ideas

  • Are lifelong learners with the agility to adapt to changing  circumstances


Confident and creative individuals:

  • Able to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being

  • Have the ability to establish and maintain healthy and satisfying lives

  • Are enterprising, show initiative and use their creative abilities

  • Develop personal capabilities such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for others

  • Relate well to others and form and maintain healthy relationships

  • Are well-prepared for life roles in their family, community and the workforce

  • Are optimistic, make rational decisions and accept responsibility for their actions


Active and Informed Citizens:

  • Are responsible and active global and local citizens

  • Appreciate  and respect individual, cultural, social and religious diversity

  • Able to relate to and communicate across diverse cultures

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the values of democracy, equity and justice

  • Develop a personal ethical understanding and act with integrity

  • Are able to exercise civic leadership for the common good


This generation will confront complex global, professional and personal challenges. These are capabilities identified by the Commonwealth government as essential to equip our students to meet these challenges in a positive and optimistic way.


As the gallery of ex-students which lines our hallways attests, Melbourne High School has over generations, nurtured national and international leaders in all walks of life. Many of our students will become the social, political and cultural leaders of the next generation and the School has a clear responsibility to ensure that every student has been prepared to respond in a well-informed, imaginative, courageous, caring and socially responsible manner.


A successful Year 12 result is a passport to better career opportunities, but Melbourne High School aims to prepare and inspire its students to achieve much more than just good marks. We are aiming to foster not just successful young men, but socially informed, responsible, multi-talented, successful leaders.


This is our vision of the man we hope our students will become.  


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