Co-Curricular Programme

​​Melbourne High School has an extensive co-curricular programme in order to achieve the philosophy of More Than Just Marks. From Year 9, the Program is designed to help students to assimilate into Melbourne High School through meeting students from different year levels with similar interests, and to enable students to broaden their experience at the School.  All of these activities continue through to Year 12 and many groups are run by senior students under teacher supervision. Involvement activities offered to students include:

Army Cadets

Airforce  Cadets

Community Involvement

Cultural Involvement


Instrumental Music

Interest Groups


Performing Arts


Tatttam Band


and many more . . .

Millgrove Outdoor Education Centre

All Year 9 and 10 students attend the Centre near Warburton during one School week. The aim of the centre is to give the students an outdoor education experience in a magnificent bushland setting.

House Competition

Melbourne High School has a strong House competition which runs throughout the year.  The four Houses, Como (yellow), Forrest (blue), Waterloo (green) and Yarra (red) compete in the Swimming Sports, Athletics event, House Chorals, and Cross Country as well as in minor sports and activities.  Every student in each House is required to participate in Chorals and Cross Country each year.


Minor sports and activities include AFL football, football (soccer), basketball, debating, theatre sports, volleyball, waterpolo and instrumentals.  Competition runs high to see which House will win the Cock House each year.

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